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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review Clarisonic Smart Profile

About Clarisonic Smart Profile:

Clarisonic Smart Profile brush has 4 speeds, brush head change indicator light and turbo button.Turbo speed removes make up 11 times better than hands.The Smart Profile is  a face and body cleansing electric device.It works with any brush head.You can attach Clarisonic Pedi system in smart profile too.This is all in one device for face and body from head to toe.It is waterproof.It comes with a drying rack, pLink charger, Smart 2 in 1 brushed for face, Smart turbo body brush head, 1 oz Gel Cleanser and 2 fl oz Skin Polish

How to use Clarisonic Smart Profile:

Apply your cleanser either directly of damp skin or damp bras head.
Push the on button.
Follow 20 second timer on forehead, nose and chin and 10 seconds timer on one check and other check.

My Honest review:

I am a big fan of Clarisonic.I have Mia 2 which i purchased 2 years ago and now I use that during traveling.I purchased Clarisonic Profile in March 2015.I like this very much.It cleans my skin better than hands.When I want to exfoliate my skin, I use deep pore cleansing brush head.I use this every night.It is easy to use.I feel my face is more cleaner after using Clarisonic Smart Profile.I never used this with oil based cleansers..My face is more soft and glowing.Sometimes I use Cashmere brush head with smart profile.Clarisonic smart profile easily takes out dirt, oil and grime.It cleans pores very well.It prevents blackheads too.Turbo body brush is good to exfoliate body.This is expensive but good investment.After using clarisonic, all my skin care products go deeper into my shin and penetrates easily because Clarisonic cleans my skin very well.

You can purchase Clarisonic Smart Profile from here: